Morghak Company / Production Units

Production Units

 فارم اجداد  

Farm ancestors

At the head of all production units of this company and it is located in Taleghan area. Farm of the ancestors of laying the birdhouse has two separate units, at which intervals one of the two units is periodically accepted by an ancestor herd. This unit is geographically located in such a way that the possibility of establishing poultry around it is very small, and in fact the site of the unit is completely isolated, and as a result, the safety aspects of the biosafety are strictly observed. That is why, since the year 1364, when this farm was built, until now, all herds of ancestors raised in this farm throughout their lives have been left to the point of view of serious illness in the industry and this is one of the honors. The company has been in the course of this period.
 فارم مرکزی

Central Farm

Central Farm (Farm 1) The Bharqak Company is located in the Tavosya area on a land area of ten acres. In this farm, a breeding chicken breeding mother is located. All the halls of the ancestral and maternity farms are in the company of Murshak except for the Tabriz branch and the treasures have a Slat-Litter system, in which about 80-75% of the floor is felted and the rest is concrement. In Farm One, the incubation plant is also number one. In this farm there is also a factory of the company that supplies all the don needed to the ancestors' farm and also the mother farms based on the Karaj-Qazvin axis. In this way, it is noted that this farm has a central role in production, and the office of the vet, the production manager, the production expert and the manager of the incubation factory are entirely based in this farm, and in fact plays the role of the core of production, and in addition The place of coordination and logistics is between the farms and even the farms of Mashhad, Tabriz and Qom
فارم زنجان  

Farm Zanjan

The largest laying hens farm of 80,000 chicken parts with an investment volume of 250 billion rials is built on an area of 9.2 hectares. By providing direct job creation for 40 people and indirect employment for up to 2000 people, this complex is able to provide 10 million chickens per day for commercial laying, which is equivalent to 25 percent of the needs of the country's poultry industry.
Access to the new incubation factory, the lack of a region of diseases, significant upgrading of Zanjan province's share in producing one-day-old laying hens and helping to develop and increase employment in this region are one of the most important reasons for choosing Zanjan's Soltanieh region to build the largest livestock laying farm in the country. Is.
The farm has 8 halls with walls and roof insulation with a total area of 900 square meters and each reception area has about 10 thousand chicken breast.
Owning an exclusive 540-square-meter construction company with an office building, showers, buildings and facilities, egg grate, refrigerator and generator room, with a total area of 500 square meters, are among other features of the complex.

فارم دو

Farm two

Farm of the two mothers laying the birdhouse in the Kordan area and located on an area of approximately 14000 square meters.
فارم سه

Farm Three

The farm of three birdhouses in the Ziaran area is located on a land of three acres and has four separate units.
فارم اجداد

Farm Four

In the area of the castle is located on a land with an approximate area of three hectares. Until the year 1364 an ancestral farm was not built. This farm has been the place where the herds of the ancestors of the company have been grown. In other words, from 1352 to 1364, ancestor herds in this farm, which has 2 halls, have been grown from these two halls of a hall for ancestors' paternity and a special hall for the ancestral line. Some time after the transfer of ancestor unit to the current farm, several other halls were also built in this farm, and thus this farm with more capacity was used as one of the farms of the mother company of Borkak
کارخانه جوجه کشی مرکزی

Mashhad Incubation Factory

The incubation plant of Mashhad is located in a land of 5 hectares in the shrub land of Shandiz city, and the eggs of Ahmadam and Shandiz have been planted in this factory. The Incubator No. 4 has a birdhouse with 16 sets of seeders and 8 hatcher machines manufactured by the petersime company in Belgium.