Morghak Company was incorporated in 1973. As the biggest producer of commercial layer day old chick in Iran, Morghak Company is the first producer of hyline breeders in Iran beholden to its own grandparent farm. Owning 8 breeders’ farms and 3 hatchery establishments locating in 5 different provinces, almost half of the Iran’s commercial layer day old chicks are supplied by Morghak Company. Beholden to supreme performance of grandparent flocks of Morghak Company, y top notch breeders’ chicks with less than 1% initial mortality rate are supplied to the market.


Pictorial News

The Opening Of The Largest Layer Parent Farm In Iran

Zanjan Farm Under Construction...

Privileged Stand In Tehran Fair - 2018

Top Industrial Artists Conferance - Tehran 2018

Visit The Vice President Of Zanjan Farm

Visit The Gavernor Of Gazwnin Of Morghak Hatchery

Production Units

  • Zanjan Farm

  • Grand parent Farm

  • Morghak New Hatchery